Can you see yourself? Wounds, hurts, organs, breath…You may be hurting, but you are healing. You are the Earth, and She is you

A Mantra for Healing… My body is healing out of its generous abundance.

as i lay motionless
heat escalating
deep pain
along spine, back, neck
poor, weeping joints of knees
i say i am sorry
i ask for forgiveness

holding a very fine, subtle awareness, visually seeing my physical body

The words we use when we speak to ourselves matter…

What comes to mind, what emotions and sensations do you feel, when you read each of these words?

FEAR…afraid, worried

When was the last time you felt afraid or deeply concerned about something, and what language might you…

Where do you want to go? Dream…See…Go…

walking quietly
one foot
gently placed
in front of the other
breathing life into lungs

fog sitting over the water
you blink and imagine
you are dreaming
toes, heals planted firmly
on the soil beneath you

a creature leaps up
out of water
a splash
rings ripple
upon the glassy surface
mirroring the air
as it exhales from inside

dreaming, dreaming
walking into fall
leaves, petals falling
scents of fire, fresh dirt

your mind
slowly sifts
through childhood memories
a hand grasped
marshmallows melted
the delight of warm milk
steams pleasure
to float
to serve in sunlight
to pray in moonlight
fearing nothing
for the future is yours to claim

walking quietly
one foot
gently placed
in front of the other

go, my dear…the sun rises and falls each day with your dreams in mind…

Michelle Crider

Author of Fear and Musings…A mama, poet and yoga teacher (RYT500), Michelle offers online and in-person movement and meditation programs.

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