Effort & Ease

Michelle Crider
3 min readDec 21, 2021

Release mental effort and experience the ease you desire

Photo by Johnny McClung on Unsplash

As a yoga teacher, one of my favorite class themes
is Effort & Ease

Inquiring of our bodies while moving or still…
Where am I feeling effort…arms, legs, core?

Inquiring of our minds…
Where am I noticing tension, difficult emotions?


Inquiring in body and mind…
Where can I feel the sensations of ease, lightness, peace?

As a mother, or at home, we can consider the same theme…
What is taking the greatest amount of effort here?
How can I enjoy a little more ease?

With fall now upon us, let’s
let go of some of the effort…
and enjoy our shorter days and longer nights
filled with a little more ease!

It’s time to take stock, my dear…
…time take some measurements of time and treasures.

Where did you use your time efficiently, without difficulty or great, exhausting effort, this week, month, and year?

Where was time wasted?

What came easily to you this year?

Where in life are you able, and have you been able, to flow gently, ease-fully?

When thinking about the final months or days of this year…

What can you do with your time that will allow you to feel a sense of purpose, fulfillment, or accomplishment…
…all pursued with delight and ease?

With whom would you like to spend the rest of the year…
…in ease, joyful conversation, and perhaps some much needed cuddles?

As the creatures of the wild scurry about
collecting their little treasures
nuts, seeds, nourishment for winter
we must also build our treasured collections
for the new season ahead…



Michelle Crider

Author of Fear and Musings: A Journey from Anxiety to Peace… She's a mama, wife, poet and yoga teacher (RYT500)...Learn More @ elkmountainwellness.com